Sarah Garrity, Ed.D.

Sarah Garrity, Ed.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child and Family at San Diego State University and was a practitioner in the field of early care and education for almost twenty years as a teacher, administrator, and literacy coach for Head Start and state-funded programs. She frequently teaches classes on infant toddler development and was the administrator responsible for San Diego’s first Early Head Start program. Dr. Garrity’s research builds upon what she learned during her time working in programs serving young children and their families, and involves the exploration of how best practices are implemented in the field with a focus on continuity of care, guidance policies, and how teacher beliefs influence practice. Using a contextual, postmodern, systems perspective to foreground the social, linguistic, physical, social, and political contexts in which teaching and learning take place, her research aims to increase understanding of the research to practice gap by exploring the complexities of educational settings.

Project: An Examination of How California’s Institutions of Higher Education Prepare Students to Implement Continuity of Care