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Play is learning at The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation (MOXI). Located in Santa Barbara, California, MOXI features three floors of indoor and outdoor exhibits designed to help children, families, and curious minds of all ages explore, play, and discover. Though interactive experiences in science and creativity, learning is ignited.

MOXI opened its doors to the public on February 25, 2017 after years of hard work and community effort. The Simms/Mann Family Foundation supported MOXI’s mission by donating to the Bridge for Interactive Media exhibit, which features rotating displays of new media arts and technology. Visitors will discover a unique showcase for a wide range of digital interactive experiences designed in partnership with area artists, educators and scientists.

Currently, the Theater features an installment titled “Video Organisms” from the UCSB AlloSphere Research Group and artist, Ethan Turpin— a large-scale representation of a Hydrogen-like atom that visitors can explore and interact with. It allows guests to interact with the installation as they use hand-held lights and their own movements to create life-like patterns.

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