Whole Child Award

  • For Medical applicants: What does it mean to support the development of the whole child?

    Science points, undeniably, to the impact of early experiences, environment, and relationships on every aspect of a baby's development, from the physical circuitry of the brain to the potential for lifelong health and emotional growth. In fact, research emphasizes that early brain development is the foundation for human adaptability and resilience. And while the traditional medical model has often looked at the parts versus the whole- e.g. cognition as separate from biology and social development- neuroscience, genetics, and biology offer increasing support for a concept that reaches back millennia: that mind, body, and spirit are inextricably connected and influence one another. The Simms/Mann Institute seeks to honor professionals whose work values and reflects this understanding.

  • Can we re-nominate our candidate?

    Yes. A nominee may be presented each year, but you must fill out a new application each year. A nominee may be presented a maximum of three years in a row.

  • When will we know the outcome?

    All nominating teams and nominees will be notified if they have not been successful by November 15, 2016. The Award recipients will be announced in early 2017.

  • Does the Whole Child Award consider late nominations?

    No. All nominations must be submitted no later than 5pm PST on October 20, 2016. In fairness to the cohort of Award nominees, late nominations will neither be considered nor acknowledged. We encourage Nominators to consider applying next year if they have missed this year’s deadline.

  • Can I nominate myself for the Whole Child Award?

    No. All nominations must be presented by a nominating team consisting of a Nominator and two References. Through their respective prisms they can present you and your work most effectively against the nomination criterion. The Nominator is the point of contact between the Award, the Nominee and the nominating team during the nomination and evaluation process.

  • Who is deciding the winners of the Whole Child Award?

    Each category has a selection committee of 7-10 leading thinkers in their respective fields. Each committee member has the experience and expertise necessary to determine the winners for the Award based on the nomination criteria outlined above. The selection committees will review eligible nominations and work together to identify winners for the Award.

  • What does the Simms Mann Institute look for in nominees?

    The Whole Child Award seeks to honor leaders in their field who are committed to the whole child movement. Nominees should have made a significant, tangible, and lasting impact on the whole child movement.